Getting Started

  • How to make my vivo phone run smoothly?

    If your vivo phone is experiencing lag or getting hang there can an array of reason behind:

    1. If available RAM is insufficient: Most common factor that causes the lagging issue. Close apps running in the background. Disable Autostart.
    2. If space of the system or SD card is occupied: You can follow these steps to release the space of your phone and SD card:
    3. Enter iManager>Space cleanup (management) to clean up the cache and trash
    4. Remove the apps which are not used frequently
    5. Back up media and document files in Cloud Drive, and then remove them from your phone and SD card
    6. System Update: updates are meant to optimize the system's compatibility and stability for the newly released phone. It can optimize the existing problems or system bugs. We suggest to keep your phone the latest version
    7. Third Party Apps: some third-party apps can also make the phone lag. We suggest you to download the apps from Play Store or V-Appstore and keep them the latest version;
    8. Low Power Mode: when lagging or hanging, do not turn on Low power mode;
    9. Heavy Data Load: removing unnecessary data can help to better phone’s performance. Go to Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Erase all data>Reset phone. Please back up your important data before doing it.
    Does your phone still face lagging problem? Please feel free to contact us or seek help from our service center.

  • What are the ways to charge vivo phone properly?

    1. While your phone is on charge do not play games on it:
    2. Don’t wait for your phone’s battery to run out on 0%. Put it on charge while it is on 20%.
    3. Don’t overcharge your phone. Switch off as your phone reaches 100% charge.
    4. Use original vivo charger and USB. Do not go for other brand’s products or duplicate ones.
    5. Do not keep your phone in too much of an enclosed space. Keep it on a well ventilated space such as a desk.

  • How to Transfer my data from my old vivo phone to new vivo phone?

    1. Open EasyShare on your old phone and new phone, select Replacement Click Old phone and New phone
    2. QR code will be generated on your screen. Use new phone to scan it
    3. Select data you want to transfer to your new phone, then tap on Start device switch
    4. Click Done after files transfer is completed.
    Please Notice: Due to the permission limitation, the apps transferred might not be installed on your phone automatically. You need to go to File Manager>APKs to install them manually. If your old phone is not vivo, don’t worry. Just download ShareIt and transfer all required files