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Where to buy vivo?

Experience adds value to your purchase, & our search for premium smartphones ends here. vivo brings you exclusive range of premium smartphones series under a single roof. Vivo Experience Centre has all you want, A premium feel of experiencing a wide range of Smartphones which will suit perfectly with your Hobby or Profession

Now we have 3 Experience Centre in West Bengal at convenient Location for you.

South City Mall, Kolkata - vivo Exclusive Store

A wide range of smartphones with expert demonstration & excellent ambiance is all you need, Vivo Experience Centre South City Mall is a place where you will get your perfect smartphone with exciting offers.

Avani Mall Howrah - vivo Experience Centre

A perfect ambiance for making memory with your loved ones & a place where your experience of buying a smartphone will add Value to your Purchasing experience with it’s Feel

Durgapur Junction Mall : vivo Experience Centre

The core place of Durgapur is having a Vivo Experience centre too,You can enjoy buying a smartphone with a premium feel of the demonstration from our experts at Vivo Experience Centre, Durgapur